About Us


About Us

Car Removal Sydney intends to create opportunities for car owners to safely get rid of their abandoned vehicles. We take a methodical approach to dismantle junk and run-down vehicles. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint by recycling car parts in an environmentally-friendly manner. Car Removal Sydney presents a service that is mutually beneficial for our clients, as we arrange the transport and return cash on the spot.

Who We Are

Our primary mission is to reduce the adverse environmental impact caused by the manufacturing of brand new car parts.  We encourage you to work with us to recycle, refurbish and reuse the out-dated material of a junk car.

Car Removal Sydney aims to create a mutually advantageous service. You can provide us with a broken-down car in exchange for cash. We believe in creating a reciprocal relationship with our clients, therefore, the monetary returns are fairly priced. 

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